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Riding to raise awareness

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Riding to raise awareness

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KAMMIE HOLDER, Michael Bellamy and Jamar Pilgrim mounted their bikes from Ocean City Park, St Philip bound for Bridgetown as part of their efforts to raise awareness for World Environment Day which was celebrated around the world today.
Spearheaded by Holder, an advocate for the Future Centre Trust, who made the trip in a blue pinstriped suit, they rode with their mouths and noses covered with air masks, while displaying bottles of garbage as well as placards with 350, the number associated with climate safety.
“We are seeking to create awareness of littering, global warming as well as air pollution.
“This is why the riders are wearing masks, riding with a container of garbage and why I am wearing a suit, to explain to persons the heat which global warming brings,” Holder said during a stop at the Henry Forde roundabout. (RB)