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Woman upset over damaged picture

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

Woman upset over damaged picture

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The damage caused to a “priceless” photograph Pat Ramsay had transported on a May 21 American Airlines flight has left her upset.
Ramsay said the less than careful treatment of the package, which had been labelled as fragile, had led to a pricey Roland Skinner photo she received as a gift from the Barbados Association of Bermuda at the end of her eight years working there being nothing more than a scratched up picture.
She explained that her friend was told he could not take the parcel on board as hand luggage, so it would have to be checked in as regular luggage. It was processed and labelled “Fragile. Handle with care” on both sides.
Speaking after the package arrived in Barbados, she said: “The glass is shattered, the frame is broken, pieces of it are missing and the picture is scratched and tarnished from the broken glass.
“If they are going to put fragile on an item, I think that should alert people to handle it with care.”
Ramsay was also upset, she said, because the airline was now insisting they would not replace the valuable picture. Her concern is that even if they were not going to replace the picture, there should be some compensation since it was wrong to damage a customer’s property and then just expect them to walk away. 
Repeated efforts to get a comment from American Airlines over the last 48 hours were unsuccessful. (LK)