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Comfort first

Eric Lewis

Comfort first

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Sweetheart, if yuh foot big it big! I was tempted to tell the lady so, but it was none of my business, so I ain’t say nothing.
I was in a shoe shop recently trying on some shoes, and there was some women in there looking for some shoes to wear to a wedding. Anyhow, one of them with some big feet (I kid you not, them did look like yams) was trying on a pair. She took a few exploratory steps around while looking down to see how she looked in them. After looking at herself in the mirror, she turned and told the other ladies, “I like them but them got my feet look big.”
Well, I raised up my eyebrows, tilted my head to a side, and looked at her like how a dog would look at you if it saw you naked for the first time. I was tempted to shout across the room, “Sweetheart, if yuh foot big it big; it aint the shoes that got your feet looking big – your feet just big.”
Then she tried on another pair, and I was going to ask her if she was gine mash up the people shoes. It was like she was trying to force a cow into a nutshell.
Anyhow, although I was thinking ’bout going and getting some popcorn and coming back and watching this free entertainment, I had to leave, so I don’t know if she ever found a pair which made her feet look small.
Maybe it’s because I am a man, but for me the first thing ’bout shoes is comfort. I don’t care how big them got my feet looking; they have to be comfortable. If them look good and them ain’t comfortable, I don’t want them.
But women would know them does wear a size 10 with a slight burn, and want to squeeze them feet into a size 7, simply because the shoes look good. Them ain’t care how uncomfortable it feel; it is all about the look. However, if a man does wear size 10 and the people only got size 9, that man aint gine suffer his feet, he would prefer buy size 15 first, but not women.
A friend of mine once told me that one time he and the madam was going to something at Sherbourne, and after driving all the way from St Philip, as soon as they arrived and was parking, she gine look at him and tell him that she wanted to go back home and change her shoes, ’cause the ones she got on burning her real bad, and them was a pair of shoes she had bought for the occasion.
That is money that burn up, ’cause she would never wear them again. She bought them because them look good and was on sale. I willing to bet that she didn’t even try them on, she just call for them like how you would call for a pack o’ nuts.
Seriously, how many men have you ever seen somewhere all dressed up but them shoes off next to them? Women does do that. They would be at a wedding reception and when you look down they got off them shoes. Why? Because them can’t take the pain anymore.
It does be so bad, that sometimes you would see them walking to their cars with the shoes in them hands. And you could bet, that if them feet could talk, you would hear them feet cussing all the way to the car. See ya.
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