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Dolla Drop no ‘strip club vibe’

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Dolla  Drop no  ‘strip  club vibe’

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DIBBY IN A FETE was undoubtedly one of the biggest songs of Crop Over 2013.
It was the tune, along with Scab it Out, which pushed Tyson Verseewild/Dirty Versee Wilson from the peripheries of soca into its limelight.
This year, he decided to follow it up with the controversial Dolla Drop, among others.
He said that while fans were feeling the song and accompanying dance, there were also dissenting voices.
Clearing the air with WEEKEND BUZZ, the artiste and radio personality said it was simply entertainment.
“It is about a story . . . where we are at a party . . . and having a good time, and money fell out of my pocket and [a woman] bends over to pick it up,” he began.
“I am not saying that you have to strip for [the] money or anything like that. People saw the money being thrown about and the girls dancing in the video and [said] it is [promoting] a strip club vibe, but if you listen to the words of the song it is nothing like that.”
The official video had 31 950 views up to press time.
Verseewild also planned to show another side of his talents this Crop Over, with the already released Ah Too Love To Party. It was produced under Andy Blood Armstrong and could be a competitor at Soca Royale come Sunday, July 27. Also out is Shocks, which is riding the Scorpion Pepper Riddim out of Platta Studios.
Platta Studio’s Adam King Bubba Elias assured WEEKEND BUZZ it was but one of many quality riddims to come out of the Worthing, Christ Church studio. Bubba was trying to maintain his hit-making momentum as a producer and artiste. The train got rolling in 2011 with Lil Rick’s Work and picked up steam with last year’s big tune, Monsta Winer.
“It wasn’t planned, and it was really fun doing it. I had no plans of meeting Kerwin (who was featured on Monsta Winer), he just showed up at my door, and that riddim was the one I chose and it just happened from there. . . . It is doing well and we are waiting to see how far it will go.” So far, King Bubba can be heard on Wuck Me, also on the Scorpion Pepper riddim, as well as on features with other artistes. (LW)

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