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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Woman’s days numbered

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

FLYING FISH & COU COU: Woman’s days numbered

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?A CERTAIN RED LADY is getting redder by the minute.
The buzz all around is that she has to go.
Her aloofness, her mean-spiritedness and her normal stance at a distance from the truth has constituents in and around the country talking about her inevitable implosion and impending exit.
The thing is, she doesn’t know and is on guard to see if the licks are coming from the north, south, east or west.
The question is: who will benefit?
?Doing it their way on the highways
DESPITE A GREEN ENERGY PUSH and a triple-notch downgrade, at least two lieutenants are said to be looking to travel the highways and byways of this country soon in black man’s wheels tailored to their particular tastes.
If reports of this are true, look out soon for these two traversing the potholed roads in Marley Vale and elsewhere, including the dust bowls that Sayes Court and other places long under construction have now become.
The man on the spot who should know about these things is swearing he knows nothing about it since he and the team these two men are a part of fell out some time ago. But nothing would surprise him as these guys make enough to be able to import anything.
The person who heard about this pending deal and told Cou Cou about  it complained that if it is certain this is what is being contemplated, it would be it would send the wrong signal in these hard times.
Though that might be true, those in the know say the two do not have to care about what anyone thinks since they both have been around long enough to secure buttered bread for the rest of their lives.
The untouchables?
SOME INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE are flapping their wings in anger over the actions of a certain group who they say should have known better.
From what Cou Cou was told, it was under this group’s watch that some items slipped into the country and are now stored away for a particular promotion.
These influential people are kicking up a stink because they want to ensure that this type of thing never occurs again as it has the potential to undermine their livelihood.
They also want to know the role of a particular individual in this entire matter. They are saying in developed countries where governance is a major factor, the person in charge always takes responsibility when something goes wrong – but not in Barbados.
Here, things can go wrong repeatedly and the person in charge either stays silent or gives some excuse, which when analysed often insults the intelligence of right-thinking people.
Breach of security
Parents want to know why a security guard is still functioning at a school when he has a charge hanging over his head for severely beating a student.
Some parents are so concerned that they are planning to write the principal and Government about the matter. They want to know if the rules in the Government service that an employee is suspended on half-pay once a criminal charge is laid against them no longer exist.