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PUDDING AND SOUSE: Proud to be a prostitute

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

PUDDING AND SOUSE: Proud to be a prostitute

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A SELF-CONFESSED prostitute created a heated debate in cyberspace when she posted a photo of herself on Instagram fanning eight Grantleys and declaring that it was money well made from the sale of her goodies the night before.
Comments were swift and full of fury, with many chiding her for publicly making mock sport of her moneymaking profession while others wanted to know if she was making so much money why her hair was so knotty and her edges falling out.
The mother of five lambasted her critics, cussing them out and even taunting a recent beauty contestant by telling her that she should use her mouth in a more skilful way.
At the end of the day she shamelessly retreated by blocking her Instagram page. But that has not made a difference since the photo was already copied and posted on other social sites, where it continues to make the rounds and generate more dislikes than likes.
Under pressure
IT’S NOT ALL about grocery shopping at a certain supermarket.
Word from angry employees is that while the shelves are always very neatly packed and customers receive the best service possible, behind the scenes it is not so rosy for the employees.
Apparently, the supervisors are not only sleeping around with staff members at will but also picking on those who they do not like.
While there is a very high turnover of staff, the manager seems to be oblivious of what is happening on the floor as long as the customers are treated properly.
Putting his money where his mouth is
THE BRAKES have been applied on a certain man by a group of business people who were not too pleased with his recent pronouncements.
They made this abundantly clear by failing to provide him with the usual courtesy invitation to a recent event and then they personally threatened to apply the brakes on their multimillion-dollar facility.
Of course, this led to an all-out war of words on both sides and the much touted lease arrangement is now in major dispute.
The man with the loudest mouth, who turns red as a cherry when he is angry, has now threatened to go over the individual’s head and engage another one of his colleagues, who he is saying has more say-so in the matter.
But this top gun is in for big surprise because the man of morals is calling his threats “baloney” and saying he has the final say when it comes to this very controversial lease arrangement.
‘Stripped’ of her rent
A LANDLORD had to go where no other landlord has ever gone before to try to retrieve an item which a crooked tenant stole from her apartment while she was overseas.
Apparently, the Jamaican tenant and her group of Jamaican friends swindled the poor landlord by moving out of the apartment, without paying their rent, while she was overseas.
The landlord was forced to go incognito and search every strip club for the dishonest group of exotic dancers. She finally tracked them down in one of the popular clubs.