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Christ Church Carnival: The Bands

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Christ Church Carnival: The Bands

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A look at the combined band Below Rock Jammers and TS Strikers.
Name of Band: Below Rock Jammers
Band Leader: Petrona Holder
Design Concept: Bringing de Message a ready
No.  of people in the band: 30+ (late entry)
Silver Sands HIV/AIDS Education Committee.
We are trying to X-out the stigma or discrimination towards people with HIV/AIDS. So the black and white section means there should be no stigma whether you are black or white.
The second section with pink and red means “Like Muh Self”. It is all about love, so if you love yourself, you won’t want anyone to discriminate against you, so you treat people the way you want to be treated.
What can Christ Church Carnival do for the community and Crop Over: It can reenergise the community spirit that is lacking across communities in Barbados.
I’m hoping that people in the communities would join bands from different areas, not just the community where they are from.
It can also help those with creativity because it affords those who have the talent an opportunity to design a costume band. It would be good for the entrepreneurs who can sell and display their goods.
If this year is a success, I already have next year’s designs.
Name of Band: Strikers
Band Leader: Terry Sealy
Design Concept/Theme: All o’we looking at sports. The footballers and the netballers in the community have come together.
No. of people in the band: 75-80
What can Christ Church Carnival do for the community and Crop Over?: The community can have the opportunity to see and be part of something big, and the event can definitely be big if it is properly managed.