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Last takeout

Heather-Lynn Evanson

Last takeout

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The man who was shot and killed by police while attempting to flee his latest robbery, had a history of holding up fast food restaurants around Bridgetown.

Carlisle Peter Jones, 52, of Boarded Hall, Christ Church, who had just been released from a court-ordered stay at the Psychiatric Hospital for two similar offences, was shot and killed by police after robbing the Chefette branch on the Harbour Road.

According to a police news release Jones, who was trying to make good his escape after getting away with an undisclosed sum of money, attacked police with the collins he was carrying and, fearing for their safety, they discharged their weapons.

He was wounded and died near an adult entertainment club on Fontabelle, close to the restaurant’s drive-thru entrance. Police cordoned off the area for hours and diverted traffic away from the scene.

Jones was later identified by his nephew. Two traumatised female Chefette employees, one of whom is pregnant, were rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital for treatment. However, no one was physically injured.