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Is this the end for sex life?

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Is this the end for sex life?

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Dear Christine:
MY WIFE is 65 and I am 79 years old. When we met we were both grandparents and have had a good sex life until six months ago, when I lost the ability to have an erection.
Here is the  64 dollar question. As far as you know, what is the deadline for us seniors to stop having sex? When have we got to throw in the towel and admit we cannot make love anymore? The fact is, I am willing to make love but I cannot.
– BG
Dear BG,
Firstly, I think you have to understand something. Making love and having sex are two different things. You can make love without having sex; in other words, without penetration, and yet both of you can be sexually fulfilled.
I don’t know there is ever a time to throw in the towel, so to speak. You mentioned lots of things I don’t know about, like what kind of question costs $64.
There are of course many aged people who have given up on lovemaking or sex. It has drifted out of their minds or they have made a decision not to bother with either anymore.
With the ageing process, sexual functioning changes, and many people are not willing to accommodate themselves to this.
However, if you and your wife are still interested they are plenty ways for you to arouse each other and still achieve a high level of “sexual” satisfaction.
Maybe you should not try to duplicate the kind of lovemaking that you kept up until six months ago.
Again, you can still have many forms of sensual intimacy. When you engage in foreplay you can continue that until your wife climaxes.
Keep close and loving to her while considering ways that are open to you.
Maybe those erections can make a comeback though not like when you were in high school. Do continue the search, because surprisingly, nice things can come of it. If you had written asking do you have to if you are not interested anymore, then I would say something else. However, to a willing guy, why give up so soon?

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