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More shoppers going online

Heather-Lynn Evanson

More shoppers going online

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TECHNOLOGY AND THE INTERNET will be the driving force behind how enterprises do business in the future.
This prediction has come from long-time businessman Rawle Brancker as he hosted a luncheon and awards ceremony for his staff on Saturday afternoon.
Brancker, whose business has been a fixture on Fontabelle for years, pointed to global retail figures which reveal that at least 65 per cent of all shopping was done over the Internet.
“More and more businesses are going to be structuring their organisations to benefit from that,” he said.
“The technology is going to control how we do things from here on. It is going to control how people buy merchandise,” Brancker told the MIDWEEK?NATION.
He noted the younger members of the buying public either did not have the time, or felt they do not have the time and they want “to do business the simplest way”.
As a result, said Brancker, businesses will soon be retooling their operations to meet those needs.
“In a short while from now most businesses are going to be as expansive and efficient on the Internet as they are physically in their old locations,” he said.
His business and others similar in nature will adapt and “fit into the way the market wants to go”.
“And already we, ourselves, are looking at becoming tech savvy to meet the young brigade in our customer sector,” said Brancker.
He is of the opinion that newly married couples and young professionals will make up the majority of market spenders.
Speaking of his decision to remain on Fontabelle even after many of the businesses had decided to move out, Brancker said: “If the market says it wants shopping ten miles from ‘town, then we will have to look at it; but right now that is not what the market is telling me.”