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Top class Yohance

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Top class Yohance

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Ever heard of pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis?
Neither did principal at St Cyprian’s, Dave Layne, until the island’s latest top male student Yohance Lewis introduced him to the 45-letter word and its meaning.
A well-known bibliophile, the early sitter worked towards becoming the best student in this year’s Barbados Secondary Entrance Examination and “felt very good” about his achievement.
“I thought the [tests] were easy and I feel good that I got a good score. I thought I was going to get 100 in both and the [other] boys in my class thought I was going to get 100 in both also,” the 10-year-old told journalists at the school.
Lewis scored 100 in mathematics and 99 in English, with an A in composition. He was also the sixth-highest performer in English. He tied for top student on the island with two girls, Jaimie-Lynn Taitt-Gibson and Kacie Corbin.
Lewis is headed for Queen’s College come September, his first choice because of its proximity to his home.
The top boy added that his parents were top achievers in their native St Vincent and the Grenadines. Along with reading, Lewis also plays cricket and the piano. He was unsure about his future career path.
In a separate interview, principal Layne told the media that the boys of St Cyprian’s performed “admirably” overall.
“We averaged in excess of 80 [per cent] in English and math, and we had all 29 boys gaining allocation into secondary school. We [also] had 15 of the 29 students scoring above 90 in math, and two students scoring 100 per cent, so all in all we are pleased with the results,” he said.
He believed the secret to the school’s success was discipline and hard work, as well as the input of parents. (LW)