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New Village at Pickwick

Shaka Mayers

New Village  at Pickwick

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New life is set to be breathed into the Kensington area in the coming weeks as The Village Experience makes its way to The Fontabelle landmark, specifically Pickwick Village.
Launched last weekend to a moderate gathering, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Sport, Youth and Cultur Ruth Blackman gave congratulations to the organisers of The Village Experience for the initiative, saying that it demonstrated the growing culture of entrepreneurship.
“The concept to which it owes its birth suggests that Barbadians are prepared to look to local landmarks for inspiration in pursuit of their various endeavours rather than faraway places, as they were prone to do in the past,” said Blackman.
She added that becoming an entrepreneur was not as daunting a task as it once was considered to be and “this is why The Village Experience is a reality,” she said.  “The past and the future were connected by the bridge of creativity. Therefore, it is not surprising that in creating your space you looked to the village concept and extracted the motif of the chattel house, which you have repurposed for your use by way of the restaurant, a bar, a coffee shop and an ice cream shop . . . . “You have even found room for the standpipe, which was the repository for many of the colourful stories spawned by village life in Barbados,” she stated.
Manager for The Village Experience Tonia Blackman said that the village would be hosting a variety of events, both paid and free, along with daytime activities, that both locals and tourists can enjoy, in order to keep the Kensington Oval area alive and interesting.
“The tours that are currently booked, we’re going into a special arrangement with the respective companies to get the tours to either pass through or stop at The Village Experience,” said Blackman. The launch also included entertainment by Cherish Breedy and Leanne Forde.