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Pork aplenty

Kenmore Bynoe

Pork aplenty

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If you didn’t know that the popular Pork Lime had kicked off at the expansive car park of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex last week, then you missed the sensuous colours, infectious calypsos and the taste and smell of pork and pigtail. The Pork Lime made an impressive launch for its 2014 season on Friday night.
Early in the night the parking zone was filling up but the wide open area, which surpassed the previous venues of Fort Willoughby and the nearby Lime Sports Club, masked the number of patrons who were wandering around enjoying the savoury smell of the varied meats and taking in the DJ music.
However, those numbers were exposed when like ants at a picnic the hundreds rushed the stage to get a close-up of the Contact Band’s Elements of Life.  
The spectators could not get enough of the samples offered from the six segments, Sports of Life, Sky and Rain, Sun, Fire, Love and Happiness and Earth with many of the younger females screaming for the guys on stage while the male spectators whipped out cameras and phones to capture the bodies and costumes.
That excitement was maintained when Coopa Dan took to the stage and the night of fare and excitement was brought to a close by Soca Kartel.
Initially, most of the patrons appeared to be turning up just to collect a meal, with just a few hanging on to lime and enjoy the night.  The popular China Box was once again a hit with numbers keeping a close watch for when another fare of pork would emerge for carving and consumption.
Ironically, the Gym’s exercise trail which hundreds often use to shed those unwanted pounds became dining areas for those persons who could not resist the lure of the smell of  pork, chicken, turkey, pigtail and fish which were offered in all styles. Cabinet Ministers Stephen Lashley and Steve Blackett spent some time utilising the offerings in the Contact Band’s VIP tent.
The Lime football team showed that not only cricket is synonymous with alcohol as they kept the drinks flowing all night from the massive 20x48ft bar which hardly had a vacant spot during the night.
Terry Sealy of Jus Delicious quickly gave the new venue a passing grade as he predicted that the Pork Lime would enjoy a good year in spite of the national financial challenges.
“This is no time to sit back and complain but to get up and work to help the country.  Jus Delicious will continue to work with the merchants to find quality products at good prices so that our customers can come out and enjoy good food at good prices on Friday nights,” said Sealy.
Pork Lime continues tonight at the same venue.