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DEAR CHRISTINE: Warning to you schoolgirls

marciadottin, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: Warning to you schoolgirls

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Dear Christine,
I AM HOPING that a certain schoolgirl who comes from a fairly decent family sees this letter and take stock. In fact, they are two of them who need to take stock, but especially the schoolgirls from a particular school.
    They have both been seeing a young, unemployed male from The Pine whom they may think is a diamond in the rough. However, he is walking around making young girls sick. The schoolgirl needs to listen to my advice and leave this “dirty, young man” alone.
    She should know that any man who curses his family, especially his mother who brought him into this world, cannot be a decent man, no matter how he appears to be.
    This young man has been bragging to his friends on the block about how he has been able to take this girl to bed and that her family cannot stop him from seeing her.
Christine, I am appealing to this young girl and the other one he is known to have a relationship with, that if they have not yet had to visit the doctor, they will soon be doing so unless they stay away from this young man.             
However, if they feel having a sexually transmitted disease will prove they are mature, they can continue the relationship with this man.
– WL
Dear W.L,
I have opted to print your letter only because I believe you are attempting to warn both young women to whom you referred.  For your sake, I hope they see the letter.             
However, if you are a mature adult, perhaps you can also try talking some sense into both of them – before it’s too late.

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