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Evaluation for man with drugs

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Evaluation for man with drugs

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A MAN AGREED to seek help for his drug problem on Saturday after his sister refused to stand bail for him, unless he did so.
Richard Jamar Duprey, 31, of Eastmond Land, Gunsite Road, Brittons Hill, St Michael, conceded he needed help to overcome his desire for drugs after his sister, Tara Ifill, said she had had enough of his drug-taking.
Duprey was before the District ‘A’ Magistrates Court charged with possession; possession with intent to supply; trafficking; and importation of 18 grammes of cannabis.
According to the police, Duprey arrived at the Grantley Adams International Airport from Trinidad on Friday about 6:30 a.m. A police dog detected something in a suitcase from the flight.
That suitcase was searched by Customs in the presence of Duprey and one package containing cannabis weighing 18 grammes was discovered and seized.  
Ifill told Magistrate Deborah Holder that the family were looking for Duprey for the last two weeks, and had no idea he was overseas until they were notified that he was held last Friday.
“He is just a total embarrassment to us,” said Ifill who told the court the family lost their mother recently.
She said that Ifill was clean for seven years, but since his marriage did not work out, “he has become a mess” and would not steer clear of drug holes.
Saying that if he goes to the Psychiatric Hospital she would support him, Ifill told the magistrate: “M’am, I can’t take it no more.”
Holder said in view of his sister’s comments and Duprey’s acknowledgement that he needed help, she would give him a chance.
Duprey was remanded to the Psychiatric Hospital for evaluation. He will appear at the District ‘B’ Magistrates Court on July 3. (SP)