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Guns ablaze

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Guns ablaze

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A young woman who is three months pregnant is the latest victim of a spate of shootings in The Ivy, St Michael.
Ironically, during the previous incident two weeks ago, Crystal Cottle went public after a near miss, calling on the culprits to act responsibly before some innocent person, particularly one of the many children in the district, was injured or killed.
When the gunmen struck again just after 1:45 yesterday morning at 6th Avenue, The Ivy, they almost took the life of the mother of four, as well as her unborn child and two other offspring who were in bed with her.
Explaining what occurred when the shooting began, Cottle, 23, said: “I just get up and start dragging them off the bed to protect them and I drop down to my knees. It is when I come down that I get hit. I feel my foot stinging.”