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Don’t depend on men for money

rhondathompson, [email protected]

Don’t depend on men for money

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Dear Christine,
Greetings and a high note of praise for the work that you do! I really want to make my feelings known about the many women who write to you asking for handouts and saying that men are treating them badly.
The problem with almost all of these women is that they are lazy, like to depend on men too much and are out there getting children without using their heads or looking to better themselves.
Many of them do not want to work and so must allow themselves to be used and abused by the men they depend on.
For example, there is no reason for any woman who is interested in maid work to be without a job in this country where so many people need help in their homes. Yet these lazy women prefer to beg men for necessities.
It is true that not all workers are treated as well as they ought. Even those who work in offices and at industrial factories are not always treated fairly, but they hang on to their jobs for the sake of economic independence.
Christine, I have respect for any woman who will do an honest day’s work to get a dollar, even if it means sitting next to the road selling mangoes from a mango tree she has in her backyard.
I would personally help such a person. Or, I would help an individual who is banging on every door in search for a job – even if she is turned down, at least she is trying.
However, I would not help an individual who sits down at home without making an effort to help herself, but then seek assistance from you or someone else.
Please do not encourage lazy women to sit home and degrade themselves by begging. Let them get up and look for work or use their brains and not their bodies to get what they want.
You’ll probably discover if a survey is ever done that a lot of these women who beg for help turn down jobs time and time again. 
Let them work and stop encouraging them in their foolishness.
– PB
Dear PB,
I am sure there are many who will not agree with you entirely, but I’ll just say “who the cap fits let them wear it”. Not all cases are the same.
However, I join with you in appealing to women who are taking “anything or any handout” just to avoid going out there and making an honest living, to do the right and honourable thing and seek to become independent.
Although I know it’s not easy these days, I am sure there are those who can do something to help themselves – no matter how little.
Your letter seems harsh, but there is some measure of truth and reality in it, and so I hope that it is received in the same vein in which it was written.