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Prepare to be leaders of tomorrow

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Prepare to be leaders of tomorrow

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THE CHILDREN OF today must become the leaders for tomorrow if they are to address the “hapless doldrums of lacklustre leadership” present in Barbados today.
And according to Grace Showan, executive member of the Christian based political party the Guardians of Barbados, children have the potential to be visionaries.
She was addressing the 2014 Gordon Greenidge Primary School graduation class today at the Mount Zion Missions, Rock Dundo, St James.
“I see that in our country, our leadership wanes significantly and we can no longer trust what is promised. Conversely, I am asking you [to] become sound leaders who will listen and take advice from those experienced beyond your years and you will learn from the experts of the ages.
“Being a visionary does not wait until you become old and feeble, but that you can dream and expand your thinking now. Learn, develop and progress and you will find the creative mastery that settles any debt. It will quantify you as a person, and us as a nation,” she said.
Principal Angela Smith advised the graduates to focus on their academics; take care of their health as well as their social, emotional spiritual and moral lives.
“Be aware that excellence will not be achieved suddenly; you have to work hard and consistently and believe in yourself,” she said. (CA)