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Regeneration offers good mix


Regeneration  offers good mix

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REGENERATION CALYPSO TENT opened on Sunday night at Sugar Cane Mall with a good mix of talent appearing before a moderate but highly appreciative audience.
The long-standing members of the calypso fraternity gave a good account of themselves.
Jah Stone demonstrated his usual rich voice and control in Mandela and Discipline Versus Punishment.
The latter was very appealing with interesting lyrics, phrasing, melody and musical arrangement.
Lyrics such as “discipline is the bridge between goal and accomplishment” epitomised the philosophical depth which Jah Stone brought to this offering.
Grynner in My Car and Forty Years was his usual self.
Forty Years was a good tribute to his four decades pursuing the calypso art form. The use of bass lines, rhythm, and brass instrumentation in the musical arrangement coupled with Grynner’s perennial energy captured the attention of the audience.
“Forty Years ah doing this thing but ah still suffering”, were lyrics that manifested testimony to Grynner’s love of calypso despite the limited financial gains over the years.
The young brigade ably represented by Sweetness, Malika and Vince gave the patrons much on which to ponder.
In Drugs and Can’t Take The Pressure, Sweetness,  a former Junior Monarch, was a picture of poise.
Her phrasing, diction, clarity and richness of voice coupled with enduring stage presence marked her as one with tremendous talent.
Her handling of Can’t Take The Pressure, a lyrically strong song which reflects on the current economic state, was immaculate with her phrasing being an outstanding work of art.
The passionate yet bright musical arrangement and the rich vocal harmonies added to the appeal of the performance.
Malika, another former Junior Monarch, demonstrated mastery of the art form with her clear melodious vocals, phrasing, and passion in her only selection Yuh Think It Easy.
The musical arrangement added appeal to this plaintive song in which she portrayed herself as an abused prostitute.
In Joy Of Change, Vince cleverly commented on incidents involving the Mighty Gabby, Red Plastic Bag, and the calypsonians who deserted the All Stars Calypso Tent.
Among the entertaining acts of the night was Cut Loose with Hard, who in this double entendre referred to himself as “the hardest hard”, “harder than rock stone”. Speedy rekindled his trademark style with the Speedy shuffle as he entered the stage with a large door key in his hand.
Persistently pleading “bring back me door key” “you tek muh door and run”, Speedy brought a hook line that captured the audience’s attention in this melodious but simple calypso – the type that has earned Speedy the kind of attention he has attracted over the years.
Sus would also have created a stir with his suggestive The Meat and added to the entertainment package.
Tent manager Hallam Payne, who appeared as The Cleaner, presented himself as an artiste with a full appreciation of calypso after previous years’ appearances in Celebrities and Super Gladiators.
His attention to diction, phrasing, singing and attempts at wit in his two offerings, Modern Day Slavery and Blows, profile him as a calypso aficionado who takes this craft seriously.
Other performers for the night included Provider who has good hook lines in We Feeling it, Itchie with his melodious Karaoke and guest performers Pompey and A-de-Lah.
Master of ceremonies Larry Mayers kept the audience engaged and involved, ensuring that there was never a dull moment.