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Name here to stay

John Sealy

Name here to stay

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THERE?WILL?be no name change for Stray Cats calypso tent.
Defence of the name came when management was asked if the title, which has comical implications, does not contribute to its rejection as a main stream tent.
Stray Cats have made their presence felt on the big stage with the likes of Big Davy in the Pic-O-De-Crop; Hammer, Jacko and Mauby and the Straykettes in the Party Monarch semis back in the 90s, but they are yet to be mentioned in the same breath as the “shareholders”.
Tony De Cheerman Waldron said he had put a suggestion to tent manager Jerry Roberts that the tent could be rebranded but consensus was that the name Stray Cats would stay.
Waldron, who would have wriiten songs for former kings of calypso, however expressed dismay that his songs when performed in the Stray Cats tents did get the same recognition as when sung by those in the more established tents.
“I am one of the prolific writers – people come to me to get songs written and because I come to Stray Cats to help [them] all tents not get higher marks than anybody in the Stray Cats,”  Waldron said.
He said he would not be deterred in his mission to help the tent, which launched its 2014 season at the Zen Restaurant at the Crane Hotel on Tuesday.
Tent member Hilda Bless Roberts, who will be doing two songs this year Classical and Unity, also said the tent represented those who could not access funds to have their music scored.
She said the tent also served as a platform for those who did not have a tent during judging.
“Stray Cats have been a memorable team, they have been there from the beginning and have taken in the underprivileged that do not have the [money] to go and get their music produced. I think Jerry [who is her brother] has been overlooked for [the contribution he has made].”
Longstanding member Geoffrey Sobie Sobers also has no problem with the name.
“I have heard a lot of negative things about the Stray Cats. Working with Jerry, I have found that he is one of the truest characters with respect to music and calypso I have met.
“The negative things said about the name of the tent does not bother me. I think  it’s a genuine name and I don’t see why we need to change it.
“If people see me as an underdog let me remain that way. If the judges come and they think that the tent is not offering anything, that is their problem,” said Sobie who will be reflecting the relevance of Bajan lifestyle in one of his songs entitled We Culture Gone.
He said the tent would get the respect it deserved. One of the tent members might might a big breakthrough and then the people would “wonder who are these people from”.
“We want the judges to look behind the name; ignore the name,” says Waldron.
Manager Roberts also defended the name Stray Cats by referring to popular British band The Beetles, which has been accepted.
The Stray Cats are scheduled to open June 24 at 8 p.m and judging night is Monday July 7, both at the Crane Resort.