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NCF drops top dawgs

Roy R. Morris

NCF drops top dawgs

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DO NO EXPECT to see the big dawgs of local calypso on stage next weekend at the biggest Crop Over event so far for 2014.
That’s because the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) has determined that the stage at the June 28 Crop Over City Fest & Ceremonial Delivery Of The Last Canes will be reserved for the puppies of the art form – the increasingly popular junior calypsonians who are vying for this year’s monarch titles.
But some veterans and tent managers are not at all happy with the decision of the NCF to drop the big names from the Taste Of The 2014 Calypso Tents part of the event in favour of the children, charging that it would send the wrong message to the potential sponsors the tents were courting. Neither are they happy with how they were notified.
According to one manager, earlier in the year they were notified by letter from the NCF of the concert and each tent was invited to send one calypsonian to represent it. Payment, the manager explained, would have been based on whether the performer was a reigning monarch, a previous monarch or an untitled calypsonian.