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MAVIS BECKLES: Police need tuh be consistent

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MAVIS BECKLES: Police need tuh  be consistent

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I AM NOT ONE O’ THE PEOPLE who you would say is anti-police; like the ones who nuh matter what the police do, as long as it doan suit dem, duh gine lambaste and disrespect the police. Rather, I am very much fuh the police. I have a whole lot o’ respect fuh dem.
I always say dat evahbody cahn do dat job. Fuh one, the money dat dem does get fuh the kinda work dat dem does do is terrible.
One doan match up tuh the other, but these dedicated men and women does be out there morning, noon and night, especially at night, putting duh lives in jeopardy while me and you sleep peacefully.
But duh got some things dat I doan like nor understand ’bout the police and I have watched dem fuh as long as I know myself doing it all the time. One o’ the common ones is how inconsistent dem is.
Now take the PSV drivers and conductor, fuh example. Sometimes ya would see some o’ dem in uniform and another time duh does have on duh ordinary rab-scrab clothes and getting on like a bunch o’ wild people all ovah the place.
Turn a blind eye Now because this is something dat is passed and these people are expected tuh obey the law, I think the police should be more vigilant and continue tuh enforce the law, nuh matter how dem feel.
But while some police would stop dem and ask dem ’bout duh uniform, another set does turn a blind eye and get on like it ain’t matter or duh cahn be bothered.
It is the same thing wid the loud music in the vans. One time ya was hearing dat these PSVs wasn’t supposed tuh play nuh loud music and the police was removing the sound systems from the buses. Now, all of a sudden evahthing like it gone right back tuh the way it was. The music blaring and nuh matter how people complain, it ain’t making nuh kinda difference at all.
It is the same thing wid the vendors pon the Bridge. One time the police does move in and carry way people stuff and all kinds o’ confusion does be going on wid people cussing the police left, right and centre. Then in a couple o’ days, evahthing does die down and evahthing does guh long back tuh normal or like nutten ain’t happen.
That is why some people doan have any respect fuh the law nor the police ’cause ya does hear dem saying dat the police does pelt off bare hot air or duh ain’t saying nutten or duh is just puppets who does carry out people wishes fuh a time and then it does die down or fade out.
But dat ain’t right at all. I think the law is the law and it should apply tuh evahbody, all the time, and I believe dat all police officers should be doing and saying the same thing all the time; not some strict in upholding the law while another set doing something totally different.  
How wunna expect the public tuh look up tuh and show wunna any kinda respect?
Like the song I hear Adonijah singing one time ’bout how duh got two Barbadoses. Well, the way I see things happening ’bout here all the time, I would say dat duh got two sets o’ rules in Barbados and dat is not the way it should be. The police have tuh be more consistent in carrying out the law and demand the respect dat it deserves.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in the Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.