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PUDDING & SOUSE: Family pains

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Family pains

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The story of a dysfunctional family is the talk in town.
The wife, a regular churchgoer, has now found out her husband is furnishing his outside woman’s apartment and she is not taking it too well. She was caught making a scene outside the lady’s home demanding that she come out and bring all of the things which her husband bought.
The husband denies all allegations. But it is said that the man is always busy in the storeroom.
The couple’s handsome son, who likes to hang out in The City, always dresses well and is admired by the ladies for his fabulous looks, can always be seen partying with a lot of pretty girls.
But the talk around town is that he is only fronting and he has not yet come out of the closet. Other people who know this dysfunctional family well are wondering what will be the outcome of all of their situations.
Christian or wolf?
There is a well known woman who professes to be a Christian on social meda.
 Daily she can be seen posting scripture and biblical quotes. But her many followers have already concluded that she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
For instance, one night she went on a vulgar verbal rampage on the Internet because one of her children was the victim of Internet bullying.
While it is understood that parents would always defend their children, this woman really showed how much of a potty mouth she really is.
Her followers wanted to know why she simply didn’t take up her precious Bible and read or get down on her knees and pray.
Passion shocker
A certain coach was recently spotted sitting with a young woman in her vehicle in a very passionate embrace.
People who witnessed the activity at the young woman’s workplace early one morning were in left in total shock.
They were wondering what the coach was doing up so early. Maybe he thought no one would recognise him without his big ride.
The funny thing is he has been publicly open with his affection towards this beautiful woman so inquiring minds want to know how come his wife continues to turn a blind eye.
No food next year
When a certain organisation recently held its AGM, it found itself in a very embarrassing position having to call off the important meeting because the majority of its members ate lunch and left.
Out of the hundreds who turned up to eat a sumptuous meal, less than ten actually remained and alas they could not form a quorum.
Many of the members could be seen walking quickly through the door, saying they had clients to see and they could not stay for the session.
The upset president had to let his committee know that next year no food will be available.
He was overheard saying that he could not believe people who were supposed to be professionals and concerned about the health and safety of the populace could eat their guts full and leave without making a contribution.