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Nik-Nik wows crowd


Nik-Nik wows crowd

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TWELVE-YEAR-OLD St George Secondary student Nicholas “Nik-Nik” Ellis produced the game of the tournament by destroying Ryan Jordan 21-14, 21-8 with a barrage of scintillating shots when the Silver Hill Road Tennis Championship continued last Wednesday night.
Homeboy Ellis unreeled backhand and forehand smashes which excited the large crowd while leaving the usually confident Jordan bemused and immobile. Jordan would have considered Ellis brave to be competing in the junior and B class category.
Thus, Jordan launched an early attack on Ellis’ back-arm where the game seemed balanced as both players matched and traded points up to 10. However, Ellis then displayed that his back-arm was his “briar patch” while exploiting an obvious weak forearm of Jordan with the senior and much bigger player trying to hit his way out of the embarrassment, with disastrous results.
Nothing was more irritating for Jordan than the second game where Ellis controlled all of the running. Facing the ignominy of a sow at 20-8, Jordan countered with some fantastic shots in a rally which lasted two minutes.
With the crowd behind him, Ellis put back every play and the spectators screamed as the youngster fell to his backside after saving a forehand chop and then got up and execute a deft “injection”.
Jordan scrambled into the court but he only reached the ball on the second bounce. Ellis dropped his racquet and raced around the hardcourt chased by his fans who caught the conquering hero and held him aloft to tremendous applause.
After that display, even the Open matches paled in comparison with only the Under-21 clash between Ezekiel “Eze” Ward and Rachel Smith reviving the night which was regularly interrupted by rain. Ward won 21-15, 16-21, 21-9 against Smith, who was allowed to play in the Under-21 although she is older.
In the B class Nicholas Mathias defeated Peter Johnson, 20-22, 22-20, 21-14 and Roger Daniel beat Damien Harewood  14-21, 21-18, 24-22.
In the open division, Cheddi Forde lost to Winston “Tommy” Rouse 21-18, 21-11; Marson Johnson beat Jamal “John The Baptist” Best 21-18, 21-9 and Simon Bayne pipped Matthew Grazettes 21-18, 19-21, 26-24.