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Steps to success

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Steps to success

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GRADUATING STUDENTS of the St Mark’s Primary School were given lots of advice on how to deal with the challenges which they will face transitioning to the next stage of their education.
In the main address Magistrate Barbara Cooke-Alleyne told the 19 graduands that it did not matter to which school they have been assigned, but they should see their new school as a place of business where they pay attention to their work.
“A school is where you go to achieve and succeed,” Cooke-Alleyne told the students at their graduation this morning at Sunbury Plantation, St Philip.
She also challenged the graduands to do their homework and ensure that they completed their projects.
Principal Owereal Linton in her report praised the students for doing their best and singled out each of them for special mention. She highlighted their strengths and encouraged them to work to harder in the areas of weakness.
Michael Lashley parliamentary representative for St Philip North, the constituency in which the school is situated, called on past students to give back to the school.
He also asked parents to keep a vigilant eye on their wards. (JS)