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Floored by bar closing

Maria Bradshaw

Floored by bar closing

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Angry?employees?gathered at the popular Carib Beach Bar yesterday pondering their future after they were informed that the bar was closing its doors on Sunday.
During an emergency meeting in the morning, managers Philomena and Colin Coles told the 23 members of staff that they were shutting shop and could not afford to pay them severance or holiday pay. The workers were advised to go to the National Insurance Office on Monday.
When a NATION team arrived on the scene, some workers were crying, others were loudly protesting while others were just sitting around looking dazed. Several had been at the Worthing, Christ Church bar since it opened 14 years ago.
“This is unfair!” one woman charged, saying that the company waited until the last minute to “drop this bombshell” on the workers.
“They told the customers before telling us. The customers kept calling asking if the bar was still open because they were told that it was closing,” the woman said.
The workers said they were informed by management that another company had bought the lease and would not be rehiring any of the staff.