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Size no hindrance for Chalky Mount

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Size no hindrance for Chalky Mount

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CHALKY MOUNT PRIMARY School is small by any standard, but the students are doing big things.
The 10 students in the 2014 graduating class succeeded in surpassing the national means on all counts. The highest place was in English overall. The school placed second overall to Charles F Broome with 73.1 and above the national mean of 64.9.
They also finished fourth overall in mathematics with a score of 66.7 compared to the national mean of 57.6.
Principal Laureen Hinds boasted about those results at the school’s graduation at the Mount Zion Seventh Day Adventist Church today. She however admonished both students and teachers against resting on their laurels and to continue striving for success. (YB)