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PUDDING & SOUSE: Big Brother watching on social media

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Big Brother watching on social media

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BIG BROTHER SEEMS to be watching Bajans more actively than ever before.
Word reaching Pudding & Souse is that under-cover people have been assigned to monitor the postings of staff across the public service on popular social websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just to name a few.
This has come about because some frustrated workers are venting on these websites about not being paid on time, their fears about being laid off, the financial hardships they are going through, and how they have no respect for their bosses.
They are also being closely watched to see if they “like” any comments posted by members of the opposition or their camp which are unfavourable to the Government.
Some employees have already been warned by their superiors and put on notice that they could lose their job if they continue posting such things on social websites.
From what we understand, some jittery public officers have already deleted their accounts while others are standing firm, saying it is within their rights to post what they want to post.
Pudding & Souse understands that persons in the legal field are also being consulted from parties on both sides.
Man of numbers blowing a fuse
IT SEEMED TO be a comedy of errors when a certain man who knows a lot about dollars and cents had a major rant on a social network website, apparently complaining about a utility company.
He was very upset that he could not get any service even though he had repeatedly called the company and announced who he was.
Many who read his post were kinda taken aback by his obvious anger. They were wondering if this insignificant issue could compare to the many creditors who waited very impatiently for him to go on a borrowing spree so that they could finally get the money which was owed to them.
One man even wrote on his page that famous Karma phrase.
Guess his season finally came around.
Retribution time
NEIGHBOURS?IN?A?close-knit community are wondering if a middle-aged woman will finally cool down now that she has gotten a dose of her own medicine.
It appears there was not much sympathy for her and her family when they were recently under siege, because residents could remember only too well when they terrorised the neighbourhood so much that nobody even wanted to walk in front of their house.
People are not surprised that the retaliation against them came in such a vicious way and that generations who were not even born when this granny was running things, ended up paying a dear price for her devious actions.

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