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Dancing Daniel in fine form

Kenmore Bynoe

Dancing Daniel in fine form

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After the rains had disrupted the Silver Hill Road Tennis Tournament on Sunday night, Anotine Daniel brought the fire to light up the court while scorching hometown favourite Victor “Earth” Ward in straight games 21-14, 21-12 on Monday night.
Daniel had not played in the previous two editions while Ward was creating a stir with the 2012 upset of Julian “Michael Jackson” White. However on Monday night Daniel showed why he was able to set a record in 1987 by winning both the junior and senior Banks road tennis crowns.    
Dismissing all rumours about the slow pace of the Silver Hill court Daniel unleashed some breathtaking smashes which thrilled the large crowd who would have been seeing the master of attack in full flow. With some almost imperceptible twirls of his wrist Daniel wielded his racquet like a skilled swordsman, being deft when necessary and brutal when given the opportunity.
When Ward attempted some of his feared “injections’ by dropping the ball just behind the net, Daniel made a mockery of his obvious paunch by nimbly dancing into the court to counter with a deft touch or a murderous smash.
Employing his tactic of “serve and lick”, where Daniel served the ball with a lot of force to make his opponent return a ball to smash it down the line or across the court it was obvious that Ward was at the mercy of a master of the game.  
Immediately after winning the match Daniel declared that he entered the competition to deal with two-time defending champion, Mark “Venom” Griffith.
“I decided to come out this year for Venom. He has been able to beat the other players because they claim that they are hitters when they are merely pokers. I am a hitter and players like Venom have to be taught to respect the older champions,” declared Daniel.
Earlier Griffith had won his match by default from the flamboyant Aaron Barker, who was out of the island, and Griffith then ignited the tension by stating that he would win the title for the third time with ease.
The situation boiled when Griffith joined Ward’s corner carrying all of his supporters to rankle Daniel and his fans.
Earlier Julian “Snake” Quimby shook off a slow start to defeat Hansel Chandler 12-21, 21-15, 21-16.  Lloyd “Dick Man” Burke won in three from Stig Merritt 21-13, 17-21, 21-16.
In the B games Robert Daniel stopped Kashawn, Elliss 21-19, 21-19, former national volleyballer Nicholas Matthias ended the giant-killing acts of Nicholas “Nik-Nik” Ellis 26-24, 22-24, 21-12 while Desmond Rawlins beat Calvin “Beetle” Prescott 21-16, 21-16.