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DEAR CHRISTINE: He always leaves right after sex

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

DEAR CHRISTINE: He always leaves right after sex

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Dear Christine,
I had a virtually sexless marriage for 20 years; now I am out of it. I recently met a man with whom I felt I could be intimate again. That was a big thing for me to do after all those years.
However, this man has a disturbing habit of leaving immediately after he has climaxed. He gets up and walks out of the house; just like that.
To leave so abruptly after intimacy seems all wrong. Yet he says I am very exciting. What kind of person would do that? When I mentioned to him that I would like him to stay near me after sex, he joked about it, then told me to write Dear Christine.
– P.D.
Dear P.D.,
Now we know why God in His wisdom says that sex should really only take place in marriage unions. If this was the case, perhaps there would be nowhere for him to go but to roll over and sleep, or at least, stay beside you fully awake for just a bit longer.
Seriously, I suggest you find another man. This one may be excited by you but his behaviour is more suited to a brothel.
Of course, a woman wants the man to be close to her after lovemaking – during what is called the resolution period, when body, mind and feelings are returning from high excitement to tranquility. I often hear complaints like yours, but usually it is because the man falls asleep after climaxing – not that he actually gets up and goes out the door.
If you believe you must hold on to this man – for whatever reason you may have – maybe you should try refusing to have sex with him until he agrees to mend his ways. You then need to pay close attention to how well he lives up to the agreement. I suspect he would treat that like a joke, too.
The ball’s in your court.