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No more dice

Sanka Price

No more dice

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Barbadians are not taking their chances on gambling to enrich themselves even as the tough economic times dig deeper into their pockets.
This is the word from the local operator’s spokesperson Lisa Jackman-Corbin who said the current situation had not brought a surge in lottery sales.
“Sales have not decreased but they have not increased either,” said Jackman-Corbin, regional lead brand manager at GTech, operators of the Barbados Lottery. “Our sales have remained flat and consistent over the years,” she added, but declined to give sales figures.
In a move to boost revenues, the operators have launched two new games.
“There is the assumption that lottery sales have increased with the face of the recession – that is not the case,” Jackman-Corbin said. “Typically in the Caribbean in times of economic crisis we find that people tend to save rather than purchase more items, and that holds true for the lottery also.”