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Grandmum seeking help for sick child

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

Grandmum seeking help for sick child

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AS HER GRANDSON lies critically ill in hospital, a grandmother has taken to pounding the streets in an effort to get financial support for his treatment.
Margaret Elcock, of Kendal, St John, is feeling the pain of a mother as her daughter Danielle’s two-year-old son, Denico, battles advanced cancer of the liver.
Saying that she raised the child from infancy, Elcock told the WEEKEND Nation: “He is in and out of ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and his mother is there 24/7.”
It hurt, she added, to see her daughter cry over the state of the boy. The child’s father cannot visit because he is in prison, she said.
Elcock said she is not financially well off. Her husband died last December, she has been unemployed and she recently had a stroke. In addition, they recently had to pay $600 to send tests to Canada.
But Elcock has not let her health challenge stop her from pounding the pavement and knocking on doors to get help.
“I walk around trying to get help from wherever I could because his mother is not going to leave his bedside.”
However, she said businesses, charities or prospective donors all want to see documentation from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
“The family is praying, hoping that something good would come. The whole family is praying,” she said. (HLE)