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Two faces of Porgie


Two faces of Porgie

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The Dark Knight donned a cape and costume to fight crime in Gotham City. But alter egos aren’t only for the comics.
?Beyoncé depended on Sasha Fierce for a li’l attitude, and Nicki Minaj had several personalities hidden under her multi-coloured getups.
There is another example living among us: Osvaldo Reid.
At times, he is the lovably “challenged” Porgie, who along with friend Murda, get up to all kinds of adventures in their community in their web series Porgie and Murda.
As the musical duo they released last year’s Crop Over hit Condense (and this year’s Rabbit, Giddyup and Benup) and won New Artiste of the Year at Barbados Music Awards 2013.
?Then there is Lead Pipe, the voice behind Carnival Addiction, which landed a place in today’s Sweet Soca Semi-finals, as well as fast-rising favourite Ah Feeling featuring Saddis. The duo has also released Ooh Mama featured Jah Mel and Bend Over and Wine, alongside Jamaican dancehall artiste I-Octane. Lead Pipe and Saddis have also written for the likes of Denise Belfon and Patrice Roberts, with other gigs possibly in the pipeline.
“Porgie is just the character who would do the [fun] songs for Crop Over, and Lead Pipe would do the real music. But it is the same person,” Reid said as he explained the difference between the two characters in a Wednesday morning interview with WEEKEND BUZZ. He squeezed in the interview as he sat on the floor to have his hair styled, with enough time to finish for a rehearsal.
“One time a man ask me, ‘you hear that song Drink Til Morning?’ and I would tell them, ‘yeah, that’s me,’” he said of last year’s song.
“He say, ‘no, [it] is that guy Lead Pipe’ and I say, ‘yeah, that’s me.’ He replied: ‘you can’t be Lead Pipe and Porgie too!”
But Reid doesn’t mind.
Actually, he prefers this public perception. While grateful the success of the YouTube series has opened doors for his music, the former Lester Vaughan School student is keen that these two sides of his career remain separate.
The singer/songwriter’s interest in music dates back to his days as a young trumpeter in the Wesley Hall Primary band, and continued at Lester Vaughn as well as a member of the Olakunde Steel Orchestra. Reid modestly boasted of being able to play “everything but string instruments”.
The love for music was strengthened in the Most Wanted Entertainment family, of which he was a loyally devoted member. As Lead Pipe, Reid’s first foray into the local music scene was in the dancehall genre, before moving on to soca.
“Growing up with Saddis (Reshawn Ince, who also plays Murda) and Kaskatee (Irwin Redman) and the Most Wanted family, there was always a musical bond. Saddis also plays everything, Kaskatee was the singer and the family just stuck as a unit.”
Currently, the “family” has five artistes on its roster as well as the Power Circle band. Artiste management and scouting, promotions as well as music and video production also come under the brand.
“ . . . . We have come a long, long way. To make it this far is an accomplishment for us. We literally came from nothing to something.”
Personality-wise, Reid believes that Porgie’s fun-loving and amiable nature is similar to his. “If I have to be serious then I will be and people will take me seriously. Other than that I am just cool, and I remain humble and I am a people’s person.”
But yet another role has been added to Reid’s life: daddy dearest to three-month-old Tashane Lawrence-Reid. He shares parenting duties with Tyshanna Lawrence, who Porgie and Murda viewers may know as Stella.
?“I thank God for my precious little boy,” he said with a smile.
With a busy travelling schedule ahead, the entertainer tries to spend as much time with his son as possible.
“Everything I do now is for him.”