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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Absence makes heart grow sorer

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FLYING FISH & COU COU: Absence makes heart grow sorer

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The key people in a certain organisation were in shock this week when a member of their group did not attend a very important meeting. Instead, he sent his hand-picked representative to do the talking for him.
Though the individual was welcomed and allowed to outline his master’s plan, some of the group were disgusted about the move saying it was disrespectful of their chairman.
They reasoned that unless their peer was sick, he should have attended the meeting and brought along his lieutenant with him. But by sending his second man and not turning up at all, he was clearly saying he does not intend to sit down with the group’s chairman, with whom he has been at odds.
However, one of the group looked at the situation differently. As far as he was concerned, the member’s lieutenant was sent to “wet his feet” at that level.
This person gave the reminder that the member indicated he had no interest in continuing being part of their group and would be grooming a successor, so this move makes it clear just who he has in mind.
The question now is how the person often identified as the member’s other lieutenant feels about being upstaged in this way. Time will tell.
Selection blues
Tongues are wagging in a close-knit circle about the happenings involving three of their peers.
From what Cou Cou was told, it seems all three were in line for the same thing, but as it was the lone item on the shelf, only one could get it. So the other two would have to be considered for a lone secondary item, leaving one of them losing out on everything.
According to the story relayed to Cou Cou, after the decision was announced, quite a few people raised eyebrows about the person being given the item but no one could do anything about it.
One of the two other individuals who felt they were better placed to get the item was annoyed and refused to even accept the second item also up for grabs. So it was offered to the third one competing. That person quickly accepted the second item on offer and is now in place.
So now we have three people in place with only one happy about where they are. The second has moved up but is not happy at being there, while the third is totally unhappy about how they were sidestepped.
It’s definitely not the best of times in this circle.
Another nest for eagle
It would seen the eagle who swoops down in a green field to eat his fill has young bones at a high rise location just outside The City.
Cou Cou was told this is yet another offspring from this eagle who has a reputation for spreading his wings wherever he goes.
Our informant said that given the status of eagles, it is not uncommon for them to have offspring in different places. So the exploits of this top bird are understandable.
Those who should know are saying too that the way this eagle behaves, if he were human his actions would be likened to keeping up with the Joneses, as he doesn’t miss any opportunity to have the best of times.