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MAVIS BECKLES: Life is full of changes

BEA DOTTIN, [email protected]

MAVIS BECKLES: Life is full of changes

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For as long as I have been on this earth – well, really, from the time I was in my early teens up till now, today, I have seen and experienced the many changes dat Barbados has gone through ovah the years.
Every once in a while ya does find ya’self in a conversation talking ’bout the many things dat have changed in Barbados. Sometimes duh does bring back some real memories. Some o’ dem does make you laugh, some does make you feel a li’l sad, some does make you feel at a loss as tuh why some things had tuh change and some does make you feel a li’l angry dat people allow some things tuh fall through. But ya know something? Like it or lump it, boy, ya gotta live wid all the changes.
Why I find myself talking ’bout this sort o’ thing, though, is because o’ the name changes of the many businesses dat the Neal and Massy group own ’bout here and ya realise dat all the time you was thinking dat this or the other belong tuh certain Bajans and would remain the same, ya did way off target and far enough from the truth.
I remember when I used tuh do most o’ my shopping up there at Big B, then it change tuh Supercentre and now today it is one o’ the Massy stores – dat and all the rest o’ Supercentres across the island.
I come along walking up and down pon Broad Street and going in tuh places like Fogarty. Dat is now a mall. DaCosta’s – dat is also a mall. Knights pharmacy and Collins. Well, Collins still there but where Knights was is now a big jewellery store.
Dat is why when I tell some people I doan go in town like I used tuh or I doan enjoy it like I did before, some o’ dem, like one o’ my sisters who love town, doan understand. She doan understand dat town is like a whole new place tuh me, both Broad Street and Swan Street. I would ramble and have tuh ask too many questions, soul; so I just doan go in town except when I pass through it driving.
But getting back tuh these name changes from the ones we accustom tuh and think dat duh belong tuh some o’ the business people ’bout here. Wha’ I didn’t know dat these Neal and Massy people own suh many businesses ’bout here. But there’s a thing, nuh? Nuh wonder some people does say dat Barbados belong tuh Trinidad. Wha’ these people own real nuff businesses ’bout here ya.
Well, not only ’bout here ’cause from the big advertisements I see there in the papers, it is all through the region. Not only dat: duh got duh hands in all types o’ businesses. The advertisement say from energy tuh grocery, industry equipment tuh finance and automotive tuh technology. Well, least ya now know wha’ duh own and where.
But when ya say A, ya does have tuh say B ’cause duh got a good few Bajan business people who own a number o’ businesses all ovah Barbados and all through the Caribbean too but somehow duh does keep it close. Who know, know and who ain’t know, it ain’t important.
Well as far as I am concerned, changes are necessary and changes will come despite how anybody feel and regardless o’ how some Bajans feel ’bout the Trinis buying up this and the next, in this world duh got all sorts o’ people.
There are the ones who does want things tuh happen but doan do nutten ’bout um, the ones who does watch things happening and the ones who does make things happen. Duh got some people who does work fuh money and keep it in the bank and another set who does invest theirs in businesses and make the money work fuh dem.
• Mavis Beckles was born and raised in The Orleans. She has an opinion on everything.