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PUDDING & SOUSE: Many in jam over Instagram

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PUDDING & SOUSE: Many in jam over Instagram

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Two Instagram pages are causing quite a stir in cyberspace.
Photos and personal information about some well known Bajans have been posted, and several people are now on a mad hunt to find out who is behind the salacious postings.
One of the pages suggest that the posters may be taking a law enforcement approach to spying but as far as followers are concerned they should be arrested for breaking confidentiality laws.
The other page going by the name “cum out things” is definitely leaking a lot of information which some would rather not be revealed.
Word has it that several people have joined Instagram over the past two weeks just to get a sneak peak at the details that are being published.
Long-distance spat
And talking about cyberspace, two young women who were former friends went at each other this week, also on Instagram, hurling insults and cussing each other out.
Apparently, one of the girls recently left these shores and has been living in an upscale area in the United States with her boyfriend. She is constantly posting photos of her Louis Vuitton handbags, Jimmy Choo shoes and other high-end designer goods while showing off her over-the-top lifestyle with her new man.
The other girl who, by the way, used to be her friend until they had a major falling out, has been calling her a gold digger and has even posted that she was only using the white man so that she could have this rich lifestyle.
Many people who have been observing these posts have lashed out at the two women who have even resorted to posting photos of each other’s body parts on the website.
Scrambling for cover
An elderly man who recently lost his son has become the talk of the town in a rural parish.
It appears that when the son passed away the man was walking around crying and telling everyone that he did not want anything belonging to the son. But that was until he found out about the thousands of dollars in an insurance policy that the son left behind.
Now this old man, who was hardly there for his son when he was growing up, is trying to get his hands on this policy even though his son left a will, which includes his mother and sister but not his deadbeat dad.
The old man is in such disbelief that he is even saying that his son would have to come back and tell him that his name was not on the policy.
People who know the situation are crying shame on this deadbeat dad because he did not even know his son was sick until he passed away. Furthermore, he did not even have the money to buy a plane ticket to attend the funeral and had to depend on his daughter to foot the bill.
Word is that he is planning to use the money from the insurance company to marry a young woman.