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Soca fans outraged at no-shows

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Soca fans outraged at no-shows

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Those who braved the rain to see the ladies of bacchanal – Trinidadian soca artists Destra Garcia and Denise Belfon – went home disappointed when the HOTT 95.3 Outrageous in Red ended around four on Sunday morning without a sight of the headlining acts. 

The rumour had been swirling in the crowd from as early as 2:30 a.m. that these two soca artists would not be performing. Emcee and DJ Alvin Soca Superman Toppin ushered the crowd out of Kensington Oval without an explanation from the organisers. 

Garcia arrived on Friday morning and promised a show which would be full of energy. 

The night was also marred by fighting which broke out in the crowd, estimated by police to be around 500. One of the men was seen being taken into police custody, under some duress. 

Krosfyah tried their best to end the show on a high, performing a number of their latest and greatest. Leadpipe and Saddis as well as Brett Linton and Ian IWeb Webster also made guest appearances during the band’s hour-long set. (LW)