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100 cruise jobs

Tony Best

100 cruise jobs

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At least 100 Barbadians may soon work on Norwegian Cruise Line ships plying the waters and the ports of the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean.
At a time when unemployment is rising due to Barbados’ protracted economic crisis and when Government is trying to find jobs abroad, especially in North America, the cruise line sent recruiters to the country and they have since earmarked 110 Barbadians out of 169 people interviewed for employment on its liners.
George Mayers, Government’s liaison officer in the United States who arranged the recruiting effort, described it as a “good” outing that had the potential to grow in the months and years ahead.
“It was a good effort and the recruiters came away satisfied and impressed with many of the applicants, some of whom had skills the Florida-based cruise line was looking for,” said Mayers, a former liaison officer in Canada.
“The cruise line normally goes to St Vincent and St Lucia, for instance, to recruit workers and I wanted it to go to Barbados and this time it did. I also wanted Barbadian workers to shine and they did.”