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TALK BACK: Some good news for readers to share

Sherrylyn A. Toppin

TALK BACK: Some good news for readers to share

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There is never any good news in the NATION newspaper or on our Facebook page.
That accusation is being levelled with increasing frequency in spite of the fact that every day we highlight the strides being made by young and mature business people; students and our sportsmen and women. We share the stories of our centenarians as well as mothers, fathers, couples and everyday people doing great things.
This week, Talkback will focus on good news, since bad news “doan lack a carrier” – or lots of comments. It took a bit of digging, but we did find some people who took time out to wish others well.
Sandrene Carter finds her father:
Bentley Williams: Very happy for you Sandrene. God bless you and your dad.
Margaret Ross: I’m happy for you Sandrene. I had a similar experience when I met my dad for the first time at 19.
Jay Call: Beautiful story! God’s blessings!
Kemar Roach gets his 100th Test wicket.
Rawle Maycock: Congrats. Hope to continue congratulating you in the near future on your next milestone.
Diva-Appia Amanda: Way to go Mr Roach!!!
Beverley King: Congrats, keep on going.
On the staging of Republic Bank City Fest:
Junior Moore: I would like to see more events like this happening in Bridgetown. It was a good day for history, culture, family and fun. Thumbs up to the organisers of this event.
Santini More: A really great idea which integrates Historic Bridgetown with our major festival. Congratulations to the National Cultural Foundation.
Daniella Sawyers celebrates her eighth birthday in Barbados.
Jan Gibson: May God continue to bless her.
Barbados wins five medals at the Central American and Caribbean Junior Championships:
Fay Ann: A round of applause.
Cheryl A Rollins: Well done Team Barbados!
Doria Alleyne: Very proud of you both. God bless you both always.
Two sides of Porgie:
Lisa Hinkson: He is just talented.
Shankle Nakita Austin: I love the fact that he can do both; not too many people can.
Christina King: He’s brilliant!
Dining treat for the homeless:
Shirley Weekes: This is so good to see. Just need some of the millionaires in Barbados to think about organising or funding a halfway house for these people.
Bentley Williams: Good idea, excellent gesture.
Karon Deshields: I used to think everyone had somewhere to go in Barbados. I see very young people in these pictures. I’m glad they can have a decent meal. Now that I am aware of this, I will do my best to give back to my country once I finish school and help those who are economically disadvantaged.
Delores Wiltshire: Hats off to you Mr [David] Yarde and I pray Almighty God pours a double portion of His blessings upon you.
Andrew Gooding: Brilliant indeed; great team work to all involved.
Malachi Bartlett wins the first Tristan Barker scholarship:
Suzann Phillips: Wow; congratulations to you son. Mum, stay strong.
Rom Waterman: A noble gesture.
• Sherrylyn Toppin is The NATION’s Online Editor.