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20 ‘can’t pay’

Sanka Price

20 ‘can’t pay’

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At least 20 St Peter constituents have taken a stand against paying the controversial municipal solid waste tax.
They have indicated in writing to the Minister of Finance Chris Sinckler that they cannot afford to pay it.
And yesterday, their letters seeking relief were hand-delivered to the Ministry of Finance in Bay Street by Barbados Labour Party St Peter constituency officer Julia Watson, just before 10 a.m.
These letters were the first delivered since the campaign launched by St Peter Member of Parliament Owen Arthur on behalf of constituents who are unable to pay this tax, which is 0.3 per cent on the site value of the improved value of the land. The first payment is due by July 28.
The thrust of the former prime minister’s campaign is Section 5 of the Solid Waste Municipal Tax Act which essentially says if the Minister of Finance is satisfied on the grounds of undue hardship, he may remit or refund the whole or any part of the tax imposed, including penalties.