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Lively Cats

Wendell Callender

Lively Cats

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Stray Cats calypso tent faced the Pic-O-De-Crop judges in the posh surroundings of Crane Beach Resort Town Hall last Monday night before a few dozen patrons who had their fill of entertainment.
The highlight was the high quality of entertainment provided by both calypsonians and master of ceremonies Kid Site, who made claim to a calling he perhaps has never sought. In this role he was superb.
Bringing flavour to the tent with his recollections of Crop Over calypso hits over the years and infusing jokes that would have been more associated with the long-standing comedians, Kid Site kept the show lively and relevant to the season. He was my hit of the night.
Of the contestants, Sobe showed glimpses of calypso mastery using his rich and mellow tones to render two lyrically strong calypsos in We Culture Gone and Good Politician.
The first lamented the demise of our cultural items like the standpipe, jucking board, dung basket and scooter to the dominance of modern technology, while the second treated to local political issues within a context of international politics.
He seemed to falter in his second song but should be pleased that he had otherwise done justice to his material to fancy his chances at the semi-finals.
Co Co also made a good showing with Hook, Line and Mandela’s Legacy. The first song was a cheeky play on the phrase “hook, line, and sinkler”, a commentary on the economic conditions in the country.
Mandela’s Legacy was lyrically interesting with some effective punch lines like “No barriers to ascendancy or presidency” and “mind over barriers can set all prisoners free”.  
Annianna with a clear mellow voice gave hints that she could develop into an outstanding calypsonian. Her two feminist songs Woman Of Strength which dealt with domestic abuse and Mother’s Cry influenced by the kidnapping of 300 Nigerian school girls were well received. With greater mastery of phrasing and presentation she could be a much improved calypsonian.
Jazzlin loves to entertain. Her difficulty rendering two fairly strong songs lyrically A House Is Not A Home and War Of The Sexes would have presented some challenges with her reaching the next level.
The other performers added much to the entertainment package. They were the Big Boar Cat with Moving On In Time and Ungrateful Cat, Blessed with Calypso Classic and Unity, General K with F.O.C. and Bushy Park and De Cheer Man with the Ark Of Noah and My Party.
Concrete, who entertained the audience with his up-tempo number Crazy On The Road, and Kadaffi, with his lively selection Energy, did not compete.