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ON THE RIGHT: Find ways to boost job-appeal

Samuel Rosenberg

ON THE RIGHT: Find ways to boost job-appeal

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When you assess the data available concerning long-term unemployment among young people, locally, the figures are the same as the United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia, with as many as 40 per cent of the 16 to 24 age group out of work.
These figures are more than double the national average and it is difficult to see where some younger people will be able to place their stake in the employment market to be able to build themselves a future full of prosperity and anticipation.
Chief executive officers often talk with pride and joy about the times they spent flipping burgers or completing other tasks which used to be considered a starter role when people left school, but the availability of these employed positions is so short, that many young people may reach their 20s before finding their first employment.
Governments are challenged to try to find ways to bring employment to younger people and while many programmes are organised to target the youth and their desire to find those first jobs, the results are poor, especially after the recent long-term recession.
This provides a chicken and egg scenario; how does a young person advance their CV to offer an improved presentation to a potential employer, when they cannot find work to add to the CV?
The answers will be found in a combination of solutions. An internship across the summer months will greatly enhance your CV. Alternatively, or at the same time, you could consider furthering your education to boost your knowledge and therefore, your outlook.
Internships are a first-class way for students to be able to test their skills in real life situations. They provide you with the opportunity to assess career options which will help you find out what the company or organisation is like to work for and to help you decide if your chosen career path feels right.
Employers are more likely to make job offers to people that they already know can fulfil the position and are keen to advance their career. Conversely, some candidates will prove that they do not enjoy the work at the internship, providing a great opportunity to seek an alternative route in the future.
An internship will help you gain valuable work experience; give you the edge in the job market and help you transition into a job even if it is with a different company. While you are deciding if the career is right for you, you will be applying your classroom knowledge, gaining confidence in your skills and networking with people who may be able to help you, either in that company or elsewhere to look for future positions.
Keeping a keen eye on adding skills to your education will always enhance your CV which increases the possibilities of you being successful when an employer considers you for a vacant position.
With so many people unemployed, you have to find a way to stand out from the crowd and whether this is by an internship, increasing your education or working on a community or charity programme to show your skills and initiative, the results will place you ahead of your competition and you will have boosted your confidence to apply for wide variety of employment positions.
• Samuel Rosenberg is CEO of Axcel Finance.