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AWRIGHT DEN: Take the leap

Corey Worrell

AWRIGHT DEN: Take the leap

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Everything in life has a purpose and a role, and the same is true for every person. Sometimes we sit and wonder why there are some people who always seem to be soaring and have amazing stories and we aren’t, even though we may be more gifted. There are many reasons for their success and having faith is one.
A parachute has no real purpose on solid ground. It functions efficiently only when the person carrying it takes a leap of faith. Having jumped off a few cliffs ranging from 15 to 50 feet, I can tell you that the most difficult part is to jump. It takes so much courage and determination to actually jump, but after you do and it’s over in a few seconds, you realise it wasn’t too bad.
If you desire to soar, you have to take that leap of faith off the mountain or out of the airplane. You will fall for quite some time and it will be scary, lonely, intimidating and nerve-wracking, but after that short fall you will pull your parachute and begin to soar for even longer than you fell. What’s amazing is that after you start to soar, your focus isn’t on how much you fell, but the beauty of soaring and the ability to steer that parachute where you want it to go.
There will be a price to pay for taking a leap of faith and it often starts with loneliness and discomfort. You will have to make unpopular decisions; follow your heart; give up things you loved and even lose friends. The reality is, when you jump, your destination is almost never your starting point and you can’t carry some things and some people where you are heading.
Sometime in June, I received an email containing information about a conference in Nashville, Tennessee, for worship leaders, Christian artists and songwriters. Most of you reading know me as either a writer, teacher, youth leader or a speaker, but there are a few other things I do as well, one being an artist. I have performed here in Barbados, Suriname, Finland and Australia but have been in a refocusing and restructuring phase for a few years now.
I really believed the Lord wanted me to attend this conference, which was being hosted by the Gospel Music Association, so I started to plan despite being unemployed and not having the finances to cover the cost. All I had was determination and faith.
I was able to raise financial support from friends to cover my airfare and two of the six days for accommodation, but no money for meals or transportation. I purchased my ticket and paid for the conference, then to find out that all the hotels within four to six miles of the conference were fully booked. I was able to speak to the organisers who suggested another hotel that allowed me to stay for six days with the two days worth of money I had raised (isn’t God amazing?). Despite not having money for meals and transportation, I had faith that God would provide and left Barbados.
While on the plane into Nashville, I met a pastor and missionary team returning from Haiti. I told the pastor my conference started on Sunday evening and would like to visit his church in the morning. He gave me US$35 for taxi fare and said he would love if I came.
The next morning I visited his church and after the service, people formed a line to greet me and each one placed money in my hand. After having lunch with the pastor, I returned to my hotel and counted the money. It was enough to cover all my meals and daily transportation to and from the conference.
There is so much more that occurred while in Nashville but space wouldn’t permit. I had to take a leap of faith, follow my heart and was obedient to where I believe God was leading me. I am still in the falling stage, but the time is soon coming for me to pull that parachute and soar.
When will you take that leap? I want you to soar too.
• Corey Worrell is a former Commonwealth Youth Ambassador.