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Daniel, Venom clash tonight


Daniel, Venom clash tonight

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THE HIGHLY anticipated showdown in the Silver Hill Road Tennis Tournament between two-time king Mark “Venom” Griffith and the attacking Antonio Daniel comes off tonight at the Silver Hill courts.
Even standing room might not be available as the fire of Daniel will be pitted against the mettle of Griffith’s defence as the supremely fit and confident player will be looking to win his third successive crown in Silver Hill.
Daniel, with his vicious serves and smoking smashes, showed that poisonous reptiles are no bother for him when he defeated Julian “Snake” Quimby 21-13, 23-21 on Wednesday night to set up tonight’s feature. That game started and ended with lots of drama as Daniel was forced to get one of his supporters to “knock up” with him before the start as Quimby refused to engage in that protocol.
With such hostilities setting the tone Daniel tried to blast his opponent off of the court which saw Quimby rushing to an 8-4 lead. However, Daniel then settled to offset Quimby with his serves and vicious smashes to score 11 unanswered points with Quimby only getting his ninth point when Daniel mishit into the net.
After Daniel’s smash and subsequent pose ended that first game, Quimby used all kinds of mental tactics of rubbing the ball on the court and walking away just before Daniel served. Quimby rattled his opponent to move from 8-12 to lead 14-12 and eventually 20-18.
A number of controversial calls and resulting counters by both players increased the tension with Daniel holding firm at 19-20 to lock the score at 20 after Quimby had prematurely celebrated since he believed that Daniel’s smash was out. From deuce at 20 and 21, Daniel grabbed the next two points to book tonight’s battle with Griffith.
The returning Charles “McEnroe” Griffith will face off with Julian “Michael Jackson” White after Griffith continued his display of footwork and tennis artistry by defeating a gutsy Dwayne Hope 21-15, 21-13.
Southpaw Adrian “Dan” Skeete will play the animated Jeffrey “Bing Crosby” Layne after Skeete defeated Julian “Ju-Ju” Collymore 21-12, 21-17 while Layne took three sets to stop Peter “Lover Boy” Moore 21-7, 17-21, 21-19. The other quarter-final game pits homeboy Gary “Kojak” Thomas against the consistent Dave Arrendell.
In the lone B Class match played on Wednesday night, Damien Harewood beat Jeff Browne in a high-scoring encounter 25-23, 23-21.