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LOOKA LEW: Seven to one is murda

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

LOOKA LEW: Seven to one is murda

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Seven goals to one.
?Brazil demolished, utterly destroyed by Germany. Wow! Even an omelette don’t get beat so bad, but when all is said and done, and the bodies have been removed from the battlefield, Brazil is still my team, don’t worry we will be back.
World Cup fever got Bajans gine crazy. Some people start out supporting one team but switched to another team midway. My team is Brazil, Germany just beat them like a thieving cat, but them is still my team, just like how the West Indies does get slaughtered every now and then but them is still my team.
You see, unlike many, I am a true fan, and a real friend sticks with you when you are up or down.
But I too love my Bajans, I see people driving bout with Brazil, Argentina and Germany flags on their cars, to show the teams them supporting, but I could bet that half of them ain’t got a Bajan flag home at them.
And you know how I know that it real crazy, it was when I hear a young lady on Facebook say that Colombia is another European country that get beat. We got people supporting teams and don’t have a clue where the team located, what language they speak or what’s the capital city.
But that is Bajans, whoever in and looking good we does jump on that bandwagon.
I ain’t gine tell you no lie though, while I knew it would have been hard for Brazil, a young inexperienced team without two of its best players to beat Germany, I didn’t expect the beating they got. The game was over before it started. Seriously, the nearest thing that I know that get so much licks in a while, is a lollipop.
??Crying like babies
??And while the mauling was taking place, I saw Brazilians on the TV weeping uncontrollably, women, children, the old and the young. But that is their culture, they live, eat and sleep football, after all, one of the greatest footballers the world has ever seen is Pele, a Brazilian, and they have five World Cup trophies to show, so you could see how it hurt them to see how they had fallen.
On the other hand, we had Bajans ’bout here crying real bad when Brazil or their team lost. Some of them mother dead and them ain’t cry, them lost them job and them ain’t cry, the woman or the man horn them and them ain’t shed a tear, but Germany half kill Brazil and them crying like a baby that want breastfeeding.
Anyhow, I was following this World Cup and I notice that Suarez, the Uruguayan star player, get banned from taking any further part in the tournament, because he wring a hard bite in an opposing player. It turns out that he has a history of biting people, because this is the third player that he has bitten and had to be fined and banned.
And if you see this man, he got more teeth than a comb, and them big and long like horse teeth, so you would know that when he bites you, you have been bitten.
So I asked myself, I wonder if Barbados was playing against him and he bit a Bajan player what would happen. Because, I can’t see him biting any of them youngsters from Gall Hill or Silver Sands, and not having to be fed through a straw for the balance of his life. All like now they would still be searching Brazil for his teeth.
See ya.
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