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McBride looking to expand

SHERRYLYN CLARKE, [email protected]

McBride looking to expand

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NOW IN ITS 25th year, McBride Caribbean Ltd is exporting 85 per cent of its products and looking to expand beyond the 24 neighbouring countries which carry its brands.
?This update came from divisional manager (manufacturing) John Taylor, who spoke of the company’s strong brands but high operating costs which were compounded by “unsatisfactory” public sector response, as he welcomed Minister of Industry Donville Inniss and members of the Barbados Manufacturers’ Association on a tour of the Lowlands, Christ Church plant on Wednesday.
“We are optimistic about the future of export manufacturing in Barbados. Cost is an issue and needs to be addressed,” Taylor told the media afterwards.
“The ability to do business efficiently and quickly is also an area to be addressed. We’d like to see quicker responses in many areas. I’m not going to be specific, but we’d like to see a more business-oriented approach in many areas of Government services. We think the Government is working on that,” he added.
Noting that the company continued to generate over 85 per cent of its sales outside of Barbados, with plans to expand this, general manager Ricardo Strickland said McBride, a subsidiary of Goddard Enterprises Ltd, was the leading manufacturer of aerosols in the Caribbean and boasted four brands, Bop and Suretox insecticides, Beep dishwashing liquid and Go insect repellent.
The last, Strickland said, had increased in sales somewhat in the Eastern Caribbean amid fears of the mosquito-borne chikungunya disease.
?McBride’s products, said Strickland, are reviewed by a British toxicologist, and all of its raw materials are sourced internationally since they are not available in the Caribbean.
The company employs 26 workers and has survived two fires, the last of which was in 2007 which led to the $14.5 million rebuilding of the Lowlands plant.
?McBride sells 5.5 million cans of products yearly, and reuses or burns its chemical waste, while its plastic, card and metal refuse is recycled by another local company. (RJ)