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Opposition wants new tax repealed

Ricky Jordan

Opposition wants new tax repealed

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THE OPPOSITION BARBADOS Labour Party has called on Government to repeal the municipal solid waste tax and accused the Barbados Revenue Authority of bullying.
In a media conference which drew attention to a charge by the Bar Association that no land tax certificates would be issued until the solid waste tax was paid, the BLP accused the Barbados Revenue Authority (BRA) of not being fair to landowners and called on it to clarify its policy in relation to the land tax and solid waste tax.
The BLP, through its Member of Parliament for St James North Edmund Hinkson, promised that the BRA would also face a lawsuit “very shortly” and emphasised that the new solid waste tax act did not give the BRA the legal power to withhold Barbadians’ land tax certificates.
“The authority cannot act on its own whim and fancy outside of the laws as enacted by the Parliament of this country,” Hinkson said in a hastily called media conference at the Opposition’s Office.
“The Government will incur very high legal costs when the Revenue Authority loses the case because there’s no doubt that they (BRA) are wrong in their application of the law,” he added.