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Piracy challenge

NATASHA BECKLES, [email protected]

Piracy challenge

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THE GOVERNMENT HAS been accused of being the “biggest pirates” on the island.
The charge came from noted musician and chairman of Barbados Copyright Agency Inc. (B-Copy) Antonio Boo Rudder. He added that if any cultural industries bill is to be taken seriously, the leaders must show respect to the people and processes involved.
“I believe that the whole issue of enforcement has never been taken seriously in Barbados. I cannot remember . . . any one example where a so-called pirate in Barbados has been successfully prosecuted.
I’ve heard of people being arrested and charged for all types of things except piracy..I believe that until we take these issues seriously, there would always be a problem,” he said at the Association of Caribbean Copyright Societies conference this afternoon, held at the Barbados Beach Club.
“The biggest pirate in Barbados in my view is the Government. If we operate in a country where the government does not demonstrate the appropriate amount of respect for the rule of law, then the citizens in the country will take it upon themselves that they can get away with all types of things… [Government is] some of the biggest users and abusers, having put the legislation in place, and I make no apologies for that.” (LW)