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STREET BEAT: Fit for the road


STREET BEAT: Fit for the road

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GRAND KADOOMENT is just around the corner and some people are working hard to get in shape for that perfect costume.
?Street Beat visited a gym and a zumba class to speak to patrons about their hopes come the big jump-up day.
For most, healthy living is a lifestyle and not something to pick up just for a single occasion.
Keisha Chapman was working up a sweat at the zumba class run by certified instructors Nadia Brancker and Leslee Holder, at the Copa Cabana, Bay Street, St Michael.
She said that while getting into Crop Over shape was a goal, it was not the driving force behind her urge to be fit.
“I come here all the time. I first started because I am friends with Nadia and she encouraged me. It is really challenging and fun and I want to be healthy; looking good too is a bonus and as Crop Over is coming up, I want to burn a lot of fat,” she said.
Chapman said she had no real target, simply adding she would know she had reached her goal when she looked it in the mirror.
Natasha King is no stranger to Spring Garden, but she is also no stranger to fitness as in addition to the zumba classes, she does pilates and strength training.
“I always jump but I would do zumba anyway. You can count on Nadia and Leslee to use the latest Crop Over music in their routines so it is a good way to hear what’s being offered.
“It’s just fun and about having a good time while exercising,” she said, adding zumba was the best form of cardio.
Nekoma Alleyne makes no bones about her intention to be in top shape for Kadooment. She said she plans to jump both on the big day and in j’ouvert Foreday Morning but added keeping fit was a year round activity.
“We do it year round; it is a fun class and we motivate each other. It is good to see people lose weight and people are comfortable here. Plus this will help me get up the road [for Kadooment],” she said.
Tara Foster said she preferred the zumba workshop to a gym as she got easily bored in a gym setting and this demotivated her to workout, which in turn resulted in her not getting enough of the cardio workout she wanted.
“They always keep it fresh here so I don’t get bored. My goal is to increase my cardio strength,” she said.
Next, Street Beat visited the Nation’s own gym where a number of people were working out. Some individuals there also said it was about healthy living and not Crop Over.
Carlton Cummins said he was undecided as to whether he would be taking part in Foreday Morning this year but quickly pointed out that working out had nothing to do with the Crop Over activities.
“Exercise for me is important because I work in a high stress environment and it helps keep me stable. I alternate between gym work and running which I use as a destressor,” he said.
Marc Inniss said having a fit body “definitely” helps during events like Foreday Morning plus adding that the girls liked to see great bodies on the road.
“I might be in a Foreday Morning band this year and being fit definitely helps. Also, if you are going to the beach, I find girls in the tropics like to see a fit body,” he said.
Even so, Inniss said his main reason for keeping fit was a personal achievement. He said he was a firm believer in balance so he focused on a total body routine, adding it was a self-scrutinising activity.
A young woman, who did not want to give her name, was also working hard in the gym. She said she had a bit of weight and wanted to ensure she lived a long healthy life.
“I want a lifestyle change so I could be more healthy and live a longer life. As I am thick, I could incur diseases so I just want to get in shape,” she said, adding she took aerobics classes and did a lot of cardio.