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A Dirty Shame


A Dirty Shame

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?THE SANITATION SERVICE Authority (SSA) had to go beyond the call of duty yesterday when workmen had to remove a dilapidated two-bedroom house dumped along King William Street, The City.
?An irate public relations officer, Carl Padmore, said the SSA personnel had to be pulled away from other projects  to also clean up areas such as Nelson Street and the corners of River Road and Wellington Street to address the matter, describing it as non-caring.
“When we have to pull manpower and equipment away, that is an additional cost, easily reaching into the thousands of dollars redeploying equipment and in fuel just to deal with illegal dumping.
“These guys were assigned to do other duties today but they have to go to Wellington Street and other areas now because people just don’t care. We have to get to the bottom of this,” he said, adding they had called a town hall meeting last year on the issue but no-one had shown up.
“We held a town hall meeting on December 21 at the Church of God along River Road to address littering and illegal dumping in The City but nobody turned up, even though we gave people notice and people had promised to come,” he said.
Padmore described the situation as a health hazard.